I have a war in my hands that I have never battled before, but I know that I'm going to put up a good fight. I can say that the first battle was in our favor, let's just pray that the next ones also go in our favor. I would like to thank all the board members and coaches that have been praying for me during this this battle.
I know that a lot of our work goes by with very little recognition, but know that there are many people that do appreciate what we are doing for our community. If your able to lift or give the one child the right guidance, then you have succeeded in your quest. Cause that one child might some day be one of our leaders and your input will be a part of you and what you have guided them in. So know that I thank every single one our coaches/ administrators / team parent keep up the good work and continue to teach our children the value of sport and life.

Jose "Chava" Torres

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